6 Frequent Kitchen Renovation Blunders

6 Frequent Kitchen Renovation Blunders

Typically, the first thing potential buyers do when viewing a property is to head straight to the kitchen. Therefore, renovating it is rarely a waste of time or money. There are, however, a few choices you may come to regret later!


Renovations can be a costly and time-consuming investment; you want to make sure you will be satisfied with the end results. Here are the most common pitfalls to watch out for when updating the kitchen.

Selecting Materials that Are Hard to Maintain

Countertops and backsplashes must be simple to clean, so stay away from porous materials. If you buy new appliances, opt for white or stainless-steel models that won’t mark easily to prevent the appearance of fingerprints. On the floor, use flecked or patterned ceramic tiles that camouflage the consequences of accidents.


Choosing Cost Over Quality

There are few things as upsetting as watching a brand-new kitchen fall apart before your eyes! So always renovate with quality materials. Indeed, low-end countertops peel under continued exposure to water and household cleaning product. The same goes for cheap melamine cabinets.

Steer clear of fragile materials to guard against burns, scratched and other types of damage that can suddenly appear. Focus on granite, marble, and quartz, that are renowned for their high durability. Wood is also worth considering as it can be sanded and refinished to repair any imperfections.

Not Installing Enough Lighting

Plan your lighting; review your lighting plan! First, think about the various lighting schemes you might need when preparing food, when hosting a cocktail party for your friends, etc. Then decide where you should position the brightest lights for maximum practicality. Don’t forget that intense lighting from behind means you will cast a shadow on your work area or pots and pans while cooking!


Cutting Down on Outlets

Don’t skimp on electrical outlets! There is no such thing as too many. It is essential that you avoid any trailing wires on the counters. Install some even on the island if you have one. You will love the convenience of always having a free plug on hand for whichever small appliance you want to use.

Not Integrating Enough Storage

 Why would you not utilize every square centimetre? Over recent years, all kinds of storage solutions have been developed. Do your research and don’t hesitate to invest in this area, because if all your tools and ingredients are easy to find and access, you will be more likely to use them and to avoid cutting corners in the middle of a recipe! Having more storage than you need is also a great strategy for making sure everything is put away to achieve a streamlined look.


Not Providing Sufficient Workspace

The larger the work surface area you have, the less you will feel encumbered and confined. The more cupboards there are the better! Some suppliers offer smart models, like a cutting board integrated into a space beneath the sink. Another example is induction-type or ceramic glass stovetops on which you can place a board or your ingredients to have what you need on hand while you put together a dish.

However, resist the temptation of using your work surfaces for storage. You will pat yourself on the back when you start cooking and can make the most of your latest renovation project!

The kitchen must first and foremost be a functional space. Once you are happy with the overall design, have fun picking trendy finishes!

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